Daily Archives: February 26, 2010

Stupid Loser.

Miss Carol was on her Crackberry after dinner tonight. Again. With work. Again. Same old stuff. Again.

And so I started doing the dishes. Again. And granted, I don’t like doing dishes, but I’d rather do dishes than clean the bathrooms, but that’s a hole nother story.


So there I was doin’ the dishes and Miss Carol got done with her stuff and came over and tried to take over.

And she said- Let me finish and you go do “whatever it is you do”.

Meaning this.

And maybe meaning other things I’m trying to be writing. And maybe meaning my little dream. It’s a piddlin’ little bit of nothing, but it’s what I cling to, otherwise I go back to where I was before and the real world swallows me up again and that’s it.

I know it’s a kinda stupid loser thing I do. I know it. I do. But, ya know what?

I like it.

So I didn’t let her finish with the dishes. I manned-up sink-side making my point, staking my claim, and she stormed off to bed, probably justifiably pissed off at me, given my hardheartedness and desire and want.

And I let her and hated her for it for, like, a minute.

But I got over it.