And Happy New Year.

So it’s a new year.

And hopefully your new year will be better than the last, or if your last was so good you can’t stand another that good, than maybe worse.

But for most of us I reckon it’ll be maybe more of the same grindingly sameness that is our lives on the day to day train.

Which isn’t a bad thing. Be glad of it. Rejoice in the bland uniformity that coats and comforts most of us. Take heart and remember to focus on the little shit that makes you happy.

Whatever it is.

Whether it’s the coolieo tune played loud or a cold beer or the pretty girl in a bikini or a dog’s smile.

Revel in it and be glad.

HAPPY 2010.

One response to “And Happy New Year.

  1. Since I’m in the “can’t stand another great year like the last one” category, I can’t wait for a crappy 2010. Not really. I’m happily kicking 2009 to the curb. And looking forward to a very quiet 2010.

    Happy New Year, friend… to you and Miss Carol and Cutter and Tug. Hope your 2010 is full of cold beer and pretty girls in bikinis. 😉

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