Daily Archives: November 17, 2009



Aunt Ida finally left on Sunday. After 4 days of blowing, driving, horizontal rain, flooding and overall nastiness, she packed her bags and headed out of town.

I had been hoping to post each day so that ya’ll could feel with me the pain, the relentlessness that is one of these damn nor’easters, but that hope was squished on Wednesday when we lost Cox, which is phone, internet, and TV and then further smooshed on Thursday when we lost power, leaving us sitting in the dark listening to the howling wind and pounding rain til Saturday, taking cold showers and cooking on our little propane camp stove.

It’s fun camping in your house.

For a day tops.

Then it gets old.

Really fast.

But anyway, so Aunt Ida finally booked, leaving a little friend behind.

La Princessa is a 570 foot (that’s almost 2 football fields to you and me) container barge that was being towed from Puerto Rico to New Jersey when she and her tug parted company up off the Eastern Shore. Aunt Ida’s winds pushed her back southwards and up on our beach where she almost took out some condo’s and our fishing pier.

But she didn’t and now she sits hulking, wondering where Aunt Ida is.