New and sparkly and freshy.


As threatened last week I’ve changed everything. Wanting to look and feel like a big blogger I yearned for additional pages to soak up my suppurative creative dribbles. And I wanted a blogroll to return favors to others.

I’m pretty sure they’ll appreciate the additional reader.

So on Saturday I planted myself in my Me Only Chair in my Me Only Room, took a deep breath, and started the process. An hour later I had previewed most, if not all, of the WordPress themes, selected one, and pulled the trigger. 

Feeling pretty full of myself as Master Of The Internet I leaned back basking in the glory that is me, admiring my new look, cuddling my new baby blog, reveling in it’s freshiness.

But as I scrolled through I realized that all was not happy in happyville. The photos had not re-sized, new pages meant new work, and a blogroll doesn’t happen by itself.


I ended up spending most of Saturday and a goodly part of Sunday working on me to make me presentable. And I’m close. I know the black page is a turn-off to some. It was to me. In the past, whenever I came across a black page blog I was always like, ooh you’re too cool for words. Get a grip, dude.

But ya know what? I really like my new black look. Call me Mr. Lame.

So check it out. The new blogroll has links to people way smarter and creative and better looking than me and the new pages will soon be oozing with new and better stuff, I’m pretty sure.

Soon baby.

One response to “New and sparkly and freshy.

  1. I love the new look and I like the black! And I, of course, appreciate the link love. But… I’d read ya anyway if you hadn’t. You make me laugh in a nervous did-he-just-insult-me sort of way. It’s awesome.

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