Monthly Archives: September 2008

Waiting out Hanna.


Hanna’s here and even though she is “only” a “tropical” storm with “minimal” storm surge she has timed her visit to coincide with high tide today, maximizing her minimalism. 


Originally I was going to include a Hanna picture in today’s post but have decided not to. If you want see pictures of her- go to the Weather Channel. I’m busy wanting to ignore her.

Speaking of the Weather Channel- they just flashed to Jim Cantore in Atlantic Beach NC. The studio anchor opened by asking him, her voice all trembly, if it was safe to be there on the beach during Hanna. 

Big Jim hesitated, squinty eyes squinched behind his Hurricane Hero goggles, and you could tell he was revved up to deliver one of his Hurricane Hero diatribes, when the camera panned back and picked up a middle-aged couple walking barefoot, hand-in-hand, in the shore-break behind him.

We’ll call him Mrs. Sheepish.

Storms a-comin’.

Looks like Hanna is on her way for a visit. Hurricanes and Tropical Storms are God’s way of letting us know that our lifestyle is way too much fun.

The other funny thing about Hurricanes is that the days leading up to a storm are drop dead beautiful, almost like Mr. Nature is saying- “Sorry the next couple of days are going to suck, dude”

So we watch and wait.

New work.

Yesterday, I finally received the RAM necessary to install Photoshop Lightroom on my aging G4, got it all installed without having to kill anything, and have been working with it ever since. 

I love what it can do but teaching old dogs new tricks is never painless.

Yeah, baby.

Gotta love it. 

This is what we locals wait for, wish for, look forward to, all summer long. Empty rental homes. No more endless pool parties and endless Tourons with their endless “Hey dude, I’m on vacation” attitudes.

I know that most of the owners need renters, most are not wealthy people- which is why they rent out their homes in the first place- but I’m not sad to see the Tourons go.

Far, far, away.

The end.

That’s it.

Finally a setting sun on summer’s long season.

The Tourons and Touristas have left taking their screeching kids with them. The quietude envelopes and we rejoice.

At long last.